A short video of Charlotte County – Punta Gorda MPO 2045 LRTP

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What is an MPO?

Watch Director Gary Harrell explain the MPO in conversation with CCTV’s Elizabeth Billings

An Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is a federally-mandated and federally-funded transportation policy-making organization that is made up of representatives from local government and transportation providers. The United States Congress passed the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1962, which required the formation of an MPO for any urbanized area (UZA) with a population greater than 50,000.

Federal funding for transportation projects and programs are channeled through this planning process. Congress created MPOs in order to ensure that existing and future expenditures of governmental funds for transportation projects and programs are based on a continuing, cooperative, and comprehensive (“3‑C”) planning process. Statewide and metropolitan transportation planning processes are governed by federal law (23  U.S.C. §§ 134–135). Transparency through public access to participation in the planning  process and electronic publication of plans now is required by federal law.

Member Entities

The Charlotte County MPO coordinates with the following local entities regarding the transportation network within the MPO’s planning area boundary. This boundary includes Charlotte County, the City of Punta Gorda, and the southwest portion of DeSoto County.

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2045 Long Range Transportation Plan SurveyClick on the image to take 2045 Long Range Transportation Plan Survey

MPO Board Meetings


We request that everyone Live Stream the Monday March 23, 2020 @ 2pm MPO Board meeting on CCTV-20. Please DO NOT attend the meeting in person. Public comments can be sent via EMAIL , we will make sure your comments will be addressed.


TAC/CAC Meetings

Technical Advisory Committee and Citizens Advisory Committee meetings are held at 25550 Harbor View Rd, Port Charlotte FL 33980. The next TAC meetings is on April 15, 2020 at 9:30am and CAC meeting is on April 15, 2020 at 1:30pm .

Committee Vacancies

We have a vacancy for a West County Representative for the Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee (must live west of Myakka River), we have a vacancy for a Mid County Representative for the Citizens’ Advisory Committee (must live Port Charlotte area) and a vacancy for a person over sixty representing Elderly Interests for the Transportation Disadvantaged Local Coordinating Board (LCB) (must live in Charlotte County). Please contact Gene Klara or Bekie Leslie for more information at (941) 883-3535. All vacancies are open until filled.

Mr. John Burrage receiving the 10th “Peggy Walters” Citizen Mobility Award from MPO Board members and MPO Director Gary Harrell at the July 29, 2019 MPO Board Meeting

How to use a Roundabout

Above video from FDOT explaining how to use a roundabout.