Term Ends

Commissioner Ken Doherty (Chair)

MPO Board

Jocene Henderson

Veterans Affairs

Tabitha Larrauri/Helen Parrilla

Florida Dept. of Children & Families

Candice Monroy/ Dale Hanson

Florida Department of Transportation

Maricela Morado

Florida Department of Elder Affairs

Alana Watson

Florida Agency for Health Care Admin.

Leigh Ann Bellamy

Florida Department of Education (Division of Blind Services)

Tony Conte/Lynda Faieta

Public Education Community

Janna Balsley/Carmen Henry

Regional Workforce Development

Angela Hemstreet/Maryjane Nickerson

Local Representative for Children at Risk/Goodwill

M. Suzanne Roberts

Local Medical Community Representative

Alan Skavroneck (Vice Chair)

Private Transportation Industry

December  2023

Duane Siegfried

Elderly Interests

October 2024



March 2022

Joseph Sabatino

Citizen Advocate

July 2024

Mike Mansfield

Economically Disadvantaged

August 2022

Dottie Fulton

Citizen Advocate – Transit User

May 2023

Donna Fain

Agency for Persons with Disabilities

Interested Parties

Charles Moreno



 Sheri Powers

Florida Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged

 Richard Kolar

Charlotte County Transit Division

 Wendy Scott

Charlotte County-Punta Gorda MPO

D’Juan Harris

Charlotte County-Punta Gorda MPO- Director