Name Representing Term Ends
Betty Staugler (Vice Chair) South County December 2020
Court Nedervald South County December 2020
-Vacant- West County
Peter M. Dowling West County May 2021
Robert Logan Mid County June 2021
David L. Allen Mid County December 2020
Karan Freeman Bicycle Business March 2019
Pauline Klein Bicycle Club December 2021
K. Stephen Carter (Chair) Historical/Cultural/Environmental December 2020
Advisory Personnel
Mike Koenig Charlotte County Parks &Recreation
Mitchell Austin City of Punta Gorda
DFC William Miller Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office
Ravi Kamarajugadda Charlotte County Public Works Division
Deborah Chesna Florida Dept. of Transportation
Lisa Indovino Safe Route To School
Linda Sposito City of Punta Gorda
Kay Tracy/Soshua Hudson Economic Development Office
Tony Conte/Lynda Faieta Charlotte County Public Schools