A metropolitan planning organization (MPO) is a federally mandated organization funded by the transportation policy-making organization. The MPO is made up of representatives from local government and governmental transportation authorities.

The responsibilities of an MPO is to provide continuing, cooperative, and comprehensive transportation planning process that results in plans and programs that consider all transportation modes and supports metropolitan community development and social goals.

The metropolitan planning area (MPA) shall be determined by agreement between the MPO and the Governor. At a minimum, the MPA boundaries shall encompass the entire existing urbanized area (as defined by the Bureau of the Census) plus the contiguous area expected to become urbanized within a 20-year forecast period for the metropolitan transportation plan.

The MPA boundaries may be further expanded to encompass the entire metropolitan statistical area or combined statistical area, as defined by the Office of Management and Budget.

The MPO Planning includes the Charlotte County and a small portion southwest portion of DeSoto County.

The member entities of the MPO includes Charlotte County, City of Punta Gorda and Punta Gorda Airport Authority .