MPO Board members

The MPO Board is a governing body with the authority to develop and adopt transportation plans, programs, and policies. The public is welcome at any MPO Board Meeting, and is encouraged to attend. All MPO Board meetings are braodcast live on CC-TV 20
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MPO Board Members

Chris Constance
Chris ConstanceCommissioner - BoCC Vice -Chair
Email :
or contact his assistant at:
Ken Doherty
Ken Doherty Commissioner - BoCC
Email :
or Contact his assistant at:
Stephen R. Deutsch
Stephen R. DeutschCommissioner - BoCC MPO Chair
Email :
or his assistant:
Nancy Prafke
Nancy Prafke Councilmember
City of Punta Gorda
James Herston
James HerstonCommissioner Charlotte County Airport

MPO Board Advisory Member

L.K Nandam
L.K Nandam District One Secretary